Wherever fuel and lubricants are stored and used, Fleury Engineering can provide solutions. Fuel and lubricant management are central to the supply of utilities and to fleet management in industry.

Emergency/back-up generators, heating and steam, fire-fighting equipment and vehicles all rely on the provision of quality fuel and lubricants.

At Fleury Engineering, we can meet your fuel and lubricant management needs. See our list of tailored Services for more details.
12 February 2014
Fleury Engineering has recently completed several large fuel recovery projects for industrial users and oil distributors in Ireland and the UK. Oil...
31 May 2012
Fleury Engineering is proud to have been awarded with ISO Certification in Quality (ISO 9001:2008) and Environmental
(ISO 14001:2004) Management...
Marine Fuelling Systems
We build complete marine fuel storage and dispensing systems. Our systems are designed specifically for the marine environment....
Data Centre Standby Generator Fuel Cleaning
Avoid generator failure by keeping the fuel in the tank at its best. Over time diesel will break down due to exposure to heat, oxygen and moisture.